Past Productions


Vintage Stock has a lengthy and varied repertoire of productions. Our play list since 1995 includes:

Staged Productions

A Cumberland Christmas (Bilingual) (1995 and 2007 )
Christmas Orders (Bilingual Production (1996 / 2004)
Plum Pudding and Angel Wings (1997 / 2001)
Plenty of Christmas for Everyone (1998)
A Dickens of a Christmas (1999)
Cumberland Scenes (2000)
Heavenly Plague ( Fringe Festival, 2000)
Drawing Room (Fringe Festival, 2001 and Orléans Theatre 2005
The Red Dress (2002)
Turkey at The Palace (2003)
All I Want for Christmas / Rêve de Noël (Bilingual Production 2008)
First Christmas / Première Noël (2009)
A Dickens of A Christmas
Meeting Mr. Bennett (2011)
First Above All (2012)

Very Little Christmas (2013)

Shades of the Evening Series

The Road not Taken (1996)
A Life in the Day (1997)
River Shadows (1998)
Legends on the Ottawa (2000)
A Night Walk through Cumberland Village (2002)
Now Renting!!! (2003)
Pictures in Time (2004)
Last Seen in Cumberland (2005)
Nothing But My Heart (2006)
Outrage: The McGonigle Murders (2007)
Divided Loyalty: The Rebellions of 1837 in Cumberland (2008)
Restless in Cumberland (2009)
Blind Pigs and Bean Shooters– A Story of Prohibition in Cumberland
Quarantine (2011)
Murder in Navan (2012)

A Life in a Day (2013)

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Murder (1996)
Lights, Camera, Murder(Trilogy) (1997)
Quiet on the Set
Take Two
It’s a Wrap
Diamonds are Not Forever (1998)
A Note to Remember (1999)
A Bohemian Travesty (1999)
Murder under the Midnight Sun (2001)
Portrait of Murder ( 2002)
Birthdays Can Be Murder (2003)
The Politics of Murder (2004)
A Case of Murder (2005)
Nursing a Grudge (2006)
A Fowl Business (2008)
Murder by Stitches (2009)
M is for Murder
Deadly Deals (2011)
Til Death (2012)

Dead on Deck (2013)

A Sampling of Historical Vignettes (2 to 5 minutes)

Portrait of John Bower Lewis
Portrait of Charlotte Whitton
Portrait of Stanley Lewis
Portrait of John Burrows (Honey)
The Great Ottawa Fire
Theatre in Ottawa: The Russell Theatre / Theatre at Rideau Hall
A Fine Place to Live (Eastview/Vanier)
Naming the Capital
Development and Growth of Ottawa (1950s)
Bytown Bridges
Sapper’s Bridge
The Naming of Vars
Elsie Clarke’s Navan
Hattie Dunning’s Cumberland Village
Portrait of Eva Dupuis (St. Joseph/Orléans)
The French Hill School
Vignettes depicting various buildings at the Cumberland Museum (Foubert/Spratt/Watson’s Garage/Church
The Lumber Barons (Booth, Bronson, Skead, Hurdman, Gilmour, Egan)
Ottawa During World War II
Joining the Expeditionary Force (World War I)
The Great Ottawa Slide