Shades of the Evening

Shades of the Evening

The annual Shades of the Evening production frequently brings shivers and tears to those attending. Dozens of gas lanterns illuminate the actors and historic buildings in the background, providing a wonderfully unique experience of pre-electricity days, while the darker or sadder events of history are explored and dramatized. Audience members travel from scene to scene, guided by a narrator, integrating themselves into stories, often based on true events that have affected lives in the past 150 years. Held on the amazing 100-acre outside stage of the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, this production is not to be missed, year after year. Tissues are highly recommended. Check the VST website for dates and tickets.

Past Shades of the Evening

The Road not Taken (1996)

A Life in the Day (1997)

River Shadows (1998)

Legends on the Ottawa (2000)

A Night Walk through Cumberland Village (2002)

Now Renting!!! (2003)

Pictures in Time (2004)

Last Seen in Cumberland (2005)

Nothing But My Heart (2006)

Outrage: The McGonigle Murders (2007)

Divided Loyalty: The Rebellions of 1837 in Cumberland (2008)

Restless in Cumberland (2009)

Blind Pigs and Bean Shooters—A Story of Prohibition in Cumberland (2010)

Quarantine (2011)

Murder in Navan (2012)

A Life in a Day (2013)

Over there, over here (2014)

Crossroads (2015)

** Please note: there was no Shades of the Evening production in 2016.

Outrage: The McGonigle Murders (2017)

Fighting Words (May 2018)